REGISTRATION (Anger Management): $99.00 may include: Proof of enrollment, progress report, proof of completion, and all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.  No hidden fees. 

Court Ordered Anger Management Program/Self-Referrals:

Group session $25.00 per session/class.  We offer:
Court Orders: Each class is one (1) hour = (1) session 

In-Class fees:
12 Sessions  
24 Sessions  
26 Sessions
52 Sessions 

Anger Management Classes/Court Ordered                                 $25.00 per session/class - $99.00 Enrollment (Includes: Proof of enrollment, Progress Reports, Class handouts, and Certification of Completion) No hidden fees 
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday) - In class

Parenting Classes/Court Ordered - In Class                          $25.00 per session/class - $25.00 Enrollment fee (Includes: Proof of Enrollment, and Certification of Completion)
Domestic Violence Program -                                               $35.00
Enrollment $139.00 (Includes: Proof of enrollment, Progress reports, handouts, class materials, Proof of Completion)

Relationship/Self Assessment (Highly Recommended) was $579   $279.00
(includes: 1 full assessment, 27-page personalized assessment that includes 133 questions on 16 areas of your emotional well-being that will assist you in understanding and managing your anger, professional, and personal development  (1) hour in-person or zoom consultation and one (1) group session).                                                 
Zoom - Relationship Session                                           Call               4 sessions - Payments Available

Individual Anger Management/Parenting - Zoom              $55.00                                     
Individual One-on-One Relationship Coaching - Zoom      $55.00  
Let's Just Talk-Confidential                                             $55.00

Accelerated classes available 

 Space is limited. 

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