REGISTRATION (Anger Management): $99.00 may include: Proof of enrollment, proof of completion, and all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.  No hidden fees. You can register and enroll today by calling: (562)569-2749. All programs are certified and court-approved.

Court Ordered Anger Management Program/Self-Referrals:

Group session $25.00 per session/class.  We offer:
Court Orders: Each class is one (1) hour = (1) session 

In-Class fees:
12 Sessions  
24 Sessions  
26 Sessions
52 Sessions 

Anger Management Classes/Court Ordered                                 $25.00 per session/class - $99.00 Enrollment (Includes: Proof of enrollment, Progress Reports, Class handouts, and Certification of Completion) No hidden fees - Ask about our discount program.
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday) - In class

Parenting Classes/Court Ordered - In Class                           $25.00 session/class - $50 Enrollment fee (Includes: Proof of Enrollment, and Certification of Completion) Ask about our discount program
Domestic Violence Program -                                               $35.00
Enrollment $139.00 (Includes: Proof of enrollment, Progress reports, handouts, class materials, Proof of Completion) 

Want to save, understand, or improve your relationships, this dynamic workshop (relationship workshop) will provide you with what you need.  Finally, a workshop that will help you with your relationship and provide "realistic expectations and understanding".  

Relationship Workshop                                           Call for Fee
(includes: 4 (couple) sessions, 2 full assessments, 27-page personalized EQi assessment that includes 133 questions on 16 areas of your emotional well-being that will assist you in understanding and managing your anger within your relationship and will enhance your personal development and improve your relationships at work and home.  
Accelerated classes available
On-line classes are available 

 Space is limited. 

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